No one can do a tea party better than we can.
We take our tea very seriously.  


Three Tier Treat Stand and
Two Tea Cups with Saucers

No garden party would be complete without a treat stand! This three tier floral stand, featuring an exclusive design and gold accents, is perfect for small treats like cupcakes or truffles; the two matching tea cups brighten up any table! 
After your party, continue to enjoy your treat stand by using it to display non-edible treats like  jewelry and trinkets. 


A gift, valued at $60, for one lucky person!

Complete the form and -- I know it will be hard, but get creative! -- choose ONE word or description that best describes the woman who raised you. 
You'll find each word that is submitted on the Pear Tree store window. We hope by Mother's Day we can't see outside due to the proliferation of words!
Here's to spring!   ~Danielle and Jennifer

Tea Party Giveaway for Mom! 

First Name *
First Name
A submission will be chosen at random. One entry per person.

The drawing will take place on Friday, May 12th. So you can have a tea party on Mother's Day, of course!


Anytime is a good time for tea.

The arrival of spring brings tea time to another level.

Only the best tea, infused to perfection, the prettiest cups, and treats!