Easter is April 1st

Easter is April 1st

Easter always seems like one of those holidays that should be in late spring -- it conjures images of daffodils and bunnies and eggs hunts outside in the grass -- but this year, Easter is April 1st. Since this is New Hampshire, the likelihood that we will have snow on Easter is ... well, it's not a LOW chance. 

However! That should not stop you from getting a head start on your Easter goodies, and we have some great items this year to help you to get your Easter on and maybe also put a little Spring in your step. (See what I did there?)

Let's talk products!



This delightful little critter is Lily Bunny. She would like you to know that she would look AMAZING in an Easter basket. (She actually looks great everywhere, but she's too humble to say so.) Lily has several Jellycat bunny friends in the store, as well as chicks, lambs, unicorns, and more ... if you have a little one (or just a Jellycat fan) in your life, we have the perfect new fuzzy friend for them. 



Yes, this is soap -- which might not be traditional for an Easter basket but, check it out -- it's EGG shaped! We cannot say enough about our love for Greenwich Bay Trading Company's products because they are EGG-CELENT. For younger folk, we have bunny shaped soaps that smell amazing and are as cute as can be, and -- perfect for tweens and teens -- we have lotions, lip balms, and all kinds of soaps in a wide variety of scents, all with bright and beautiful packaging that would be perfectly festive when nestled down in green plastic grass.



We just received a brand new shipment of men's grooming products (which are all AMAZING, but don't take my word for it -- see for yourself!) and yes, it included this amazing little comb. I moustache you, have you seen anything cuter? I submit you have not. This -- along with the Thistle and Black Pepper line from Scottish Fine Soaps -- would be a hopping fine addition to any fella's grooming kit AND an Easter basket. 


In case none of these tickled your Easter fancy -- don't worry! We have many other lovely things to choose from, including but not limited to: chevron infinity scarves in yummy spring colors; beautiful handcrafted jewelry that would add some sparkle and shine to an Easter morning; hair clips and ties that make hair look special every day; amazing notebooks, journals, pens and planners; and adorable and fun items from Natural Life that will let you round out your basket shopping with both style AND positive vibes.

So hop on in here! We'll help you finish up your shopping in a jiffy! 

AuthorDanielle Hayes
  "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -- Oprah Winfrey

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -- Oprah Winfrey

Next Thursday, March 15, Pear Tree is celebrating a milestone. That's right, y'all, we're turning FOUR. 

We know this might not be a big deal to some. I mean, four is not normally an attention-getting birthday. For businesses, those are usually numbers like ten or twenty or twenty-five. That's all well and good, but we are VERY excited about our little fourth birthday.

You see, last year was really hard. We didn't know if our beloved store was going to be around for any more birthdays. Construction and slowed foot traffic drove sales so far down that it looked pretty bleak, and the possibility of closing became a reality that we had to face. 

However. If you think we were going down without a fight? You CLEARLY have not met us. We decided that if our community wanted us here as much as we want to be here, then we had to tell them what was going on. And let me tell you: YOU GUYS ROCKED. Oh my goodness. So many people came in to support us, to buy "a little something" to add to our coffers, and made it a point to come in again and again to see how we were doing. 

There are not words to express the kindness and generosity we experienced during that time, and there was something really beautiful about the realization that our community DOES love our little store just as much as we do, and appreciates what we are trying to do here. 

So yes. YES. We are celebrating the HECK out of our fourth birthday. Because while it might not be one of those "big" birthdays? It's major for us. And besides, life is always worth celebrating. Every darn minute of it. 

Happy Birthday to Pear Tree.

And to you, dear reader -- thank you. For your support, your kindness, and your big hearts. We wouldn't be here without you.

See you at the party!

AuthorDanielle Hayes
  "In case you ever foolishly forgot: I am never not thinking of you." -- Virginia Woolf

"In case you ever foolishly forgot: I am never not thinking of you." -- Virginia Woolf

As Valentine's Day approaches, we are here to issue you a challenge.

Are you ready?

Write your Valentine a LETTER. On pretty paper. With a nice pen. 

We understand that you might just have rolled your eyes. You might be thinking, "But I HATE writing!"

Or: "My handwriting is TERRIBLE! NO ONE wants to get a letter from me, ever, because they won't be able to read it."

Or: "I tell my beloved all the time that I adore them! Out loud! Isn't that enough?"

Or: "How am I supposed to find the words to say what I am feeling in a letter?"

You ask the outstanding questions and make most excellent points . Let's start with those.

First: Lots of people say they hate writing. But this is not a high school essay that is going to be graded by word count! It does not have requirements about font size, or margins! It is an opportunity to do something beautiful for someone you love ... so don't focus on the "ugh, writing" part. Focus on the "Oh, my love will really enjoy receiving this" part.

Second:  Don't fret about your writing. Just be as neat as possible. If you're better at printing than you are cursive? Print away. If you find that you write more legibly in marker? Find a color you like and go for it. Pencils work better for you? There's nothing wrong with that! 

HOWEVER. It should be handwritten if possible.  There's nothing super romantic about a stack of computer printouts. (There are exceptions to this rule -- if you are differently abled and HAVE to use a printer, know that your letters are just as treasured and amazing as a handwritten one.)

And, y'all, we feel like we shouldn't even have to say this but ... it SHOULD NOT be an email. You can send all the romantic emails you want to but for this ONE occasion? Try to write it out. Maybe on some pretty paper or in a nice card. Why? Because emails and texts are immediate and off-the-cuff, whereas a letter indicates thought and time spent. There are a million and twelve reasons why a letter that shows that you've been thinking about your love and considering their awesomeness is much better than an email that says, "Hey, can you pick up some pork chops? Love you! XXOO"

Which brings us to the third point, which is that yes, you should use your voice to tell your love that you love them. That is nice. Do that a lot. But there is also something incredibly beautiful and intimate about seeing those things written down. A letter is lasting. A letter is something your love can take out and read again and again as a reminder that you are delightful. Letters are physical, they are tangible, they can be held onto and possibly even be seen by later generations. We've all heard stories about people who found a box of love letters between their grandparents in the attic ... and how dreamy and lovely it was to read them. (SWOON)

So. You've got some paper, you have decided if you're going to write in print or cursive, and now you just need to know: "How do I begin?"

How about just like that?

"How do I begin to describe how much I love you" is one of the best beginnings to a love letter EVER. You could continue by listing the things you love about them. "I love the way you laugh when you hear a really good joke. I love the little frown you get between your eyebrows when you're concentrating really hard. I love how hard you work to help our children grow into fabulous human beings."

Once you get started? We're pretty sure that you'll find that the letter writes itself. If it DOESN'T, feel free to quote the masters. That's right: go on ahead and google some quotes about love and use them in your letter (only if they speak to you! Don't just quote for filler! This is not homework!)

And finally, don't forget: we're here to help! We've got the cards and stationary (not to mention the pens) to help you to craft a love letter they'll keep tucked away forever.

Do you accept the challenge?


AuthorDanielle Hayes

As I sit here, writing this post, I can hear the radio and the rain and the traffic on the street and construction noise. You've probably noticed that the world is a noisy place. Some of the sounds are lovely -- the rain, for example -- and some are just plain ugly, like jackhammers and car horns.

Some of the ugliest ones, of course, are sounds no one else can hear. They're the little whisperings in your head, the ones that tell you that you should be more or do more or accomplish more. They're the ones that tell you that you're not good enough, or that you don't make enough money, or that you're a failure. 

Those voices are there and they are mean, and here's something I don't think I really understood until recently:



One of the reasons that I love the saying printed on the cutie-patootie wooden sign in the photo is this: it reminds you that you don't have to listen to the mean whispers. You can be reassured that you are, in fact, enough. Right now you are enough. Right this minute you are enough. 

The mean whispers would tell you that there is happiness out there, if you could only get your act together enough to find it. 

The sign says that happiness lives right here, right where you are, if you can allow yourself to embrace it. 

We carry these signs -- and a lot of other positive, fun, pretty products -- because we want the world to sound differently. We can't change the whole world with one store (or CAN we!?) but we CAN offer a different soundtrack to the angry, mean one that plays out in the news and on the radio -- and in our heads. Those voices -- the ones that separate us as people, the ones that cause tension and rage -- are very loud. Our voices might not be as loud. But there are a lot of us who want the world to be a kinder, gentler, happier place, and in order to change that outer soundtrack, we have to change the one inside our heads first. 

So remember: You are fabulous and wonderful and enough. Right now. Right where you are. You don't have to do more or be anyone else. You are amazing. Happiness starts right now, with you. 

Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Not even yourself.

*(Well, I can think of ONE guy who might not have them. But that's an entirely different issue.)

AuthorDanielle Hayes

You know how you have these daydreamy, picture perfect memories of summers from your childhood, when it seemed that almost every day had perfect blue skies, the trees and grass were the most gorgeous shade of green that you had ever seen in your entire life, and the hot temperatures were relieved by perfect breezes? 

Yeah. So far, this July has been ... EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Add in how pretty and fun downtown Dover is and it's sort of like living in a movie set. At some point, I expect to be walking down the street and suddenly "Don't Stop Believing" will start playing and my other pedestrians and I will break into some sort of choreographed production number. It's been THAT amazing. 

However, since there hasn't been some kind of musical malarky outside yet (though we do frequently burst into song here in the store), I guess that I'll just have to tell you about what's new and awesome in the store.


I used to live in North Carolina, where pineapples are a thing during the holidays because they are a symbol of hospitality. They are also, as you probably know, super delicious. I can't pinpoint the moment when pineapples took over the world -- they were VERY SNEAKY about it, as only a sweet and yet spiky fruit can be -- but they have done it. We have all kinds of pineapple-y goodness, including but not limited to the completely adorable sign below.

Too cute, right? 


I know, I know, school JUST got out and you're thinking, "Plan, schman." But hear me out. The best time to start thinking about how much you are going to rock it next year? Is before you start next year! And the BEST way to do that is with one of Bloom's AMAZING Vision planners, that help you to set goals, think about how you will achieve them, and remind you to stay in touch with the wonderful, unique, phenomenal person you are. We have them in three different styles and you really, REALLY need one. (I, ahem, might have nabbed one the day they came in. They're THAT cool!)


... or glass of wine ... or both! Our NH and ME pint and wine glasses are fully stocked up and just waiting for you to fill them with your beverage of choice, whether that be a local craft beer, a perfect glass of sangria, or lemonade! (Like we said, it's your beverage of choice ... you do you!)


As you know, this only scratches the surface of everything going on in Pear Tree at the moment. So stay tuned and check in next week ... you never know what we'll be Pondering next!

AuthorDanielle Hayes

There were several spontaneous acts of kindness in the store yesterday. My favorite may have been when one of my favorite customers came in for our Bee Silk lotion, which she LOVES (and rightfully so, because it is TRULY amazing); while she was here, she ran into a friend of hers who is moving to France on Sunday. The customer looked at the Bee Silk she was holding and asked her friend, "Have you ever tried this?"

"No," her friend said, "Is it good?"

"I'm buying you some to take with you. It's AMAZING. Plus, then you'll think of us when you use it." 

It was incredibly sweet and moving. I keep thinking about it. 


These days, it's very easy to look out the window -- or on the news -- and see a lot of unpleasant things. In some ways, the unpleasant, the angry, the unkind? Those have become the standard. When we witness an act of kindness or selflessness, it stands out because it's unusual.

We should change that. 

It's not hard. It might feel weird at first because we're not used to it. I asked someone if I could hug her yesterday because she looked like she needed one. (I am not naturally a huggy person.) However, this lady looked like she needed some comfort, so I asked her if it would be okay, and she said yes. I hugged her and she hung on for a minute, taking the solace I had offered her. 

It was nothing, but it was also everything. How easy would it have been to walk by her and pretend I didn't see that she was struggling? How many people do we pass every day  -- people who visibly need a hand -- without bothering to even ask if they are okay?


We're about gift giving here. Of course we are, we're a gift shop. But some gifts cost nothing, and others very little. A note of kindness left on a coworker's desk. A warm scarf when someone needs it. An offer of help. A letter of condolence. 

A hug.

A thoughtful sharing of a beloved product. 

None of these seem like revolutionary acts, but they are and they will be until they become the norm. Let's get behind more kindness than meanness. Let's be the ones who lead the kindness charge. 

Need some ideas on how to bring more light and joy into the world? Come on in. We'll be happy to help!


AuthorDanielle Hayes

If you're anything like us, you had a moment (or two ... or seven) when you thought summer would NEVER get here, but this week it seemed to arrive with a vengeance! (If you hate the heat, though, you shouldn't worry -- this is New Hampshire that we're talking about, so the temperatures will surely drop back down for a few days any day now.) The good news, though, is that whether the thermometer says ninety-five or sixty-five, we've made it out of the snowy months and into the beautifully green summer ones. Yay!

The OTHER good news is that the bridge construction on Central Ave is halfway done! One side of the bridge has been fully repaired and re-paved, offering a smooth (and much safer) driving experience. The other side ... well, let's say that it's not nearly as pretty, but it surely will be when it's completed. (This second phase is scheduled to be done by the end of August, and then normal parking and traffic will resume on Central Avenue. Hooray!)

As you have read on our Facebook page, all of the downtown businesses have struggled during the bridge construction as people have been tending to avoid this area. We would like to thank everyone again for their support and patronage during this time and ask that you keep on coming in and supporting the businesses that you love! It would be no fun to have a wonderful new bridge but no familiar faces or businesses to visit. 

If you haven't been in recently, than you haven't seen some of the new items we have in stock. "But wait," you ask, "What new items would those be?" Hang on, we'll tell you. (We'd tell you IN PERSON if you came in, nudge nudge.)

  • Finch + Hare cards. Sometimes, you want a card with a beautiful sentiment. Other times, you want to be a little snarky. Luckily for you, Finch + Hare covers BOTH of those with their snarkily sentimental, sarcastic and sweet cards. From the outside, they are pure snark. Open them up, and they are sooooo sweet. For example:

Adorable, right? 

  • Fly Paper Products makes some of the niftiest cards and journals we've ever seen, but it's their desk signs that really take the cake -- and the company is aptly named because they are FLYing out of here. The desk signs range from sarcastic to silly and make an excellent addition to any desk or office. This one is my personal favorite, but then, I'm just kind of like that:
  • Designworks Ink makes GORGEOUS notebooks and journals, but it's their bullet journals that are truly amazing. If, like us, you've tried bullet journalling but became a bit overwhelmed, then these are the journals for you! They come with a template so that you can get going (and keep up with it) easily and neatly, but also? They are just REALLY cool. How cool? THIS cool:

I mean, look at it. It even has a space to hold your pen! It's SO COOL! 

In addition to all of these super awesome items (and the many others that we have recently put out onto the sales floor!) we also continue to have your favorite things. For example, if you love Bee Line (Bee Kissed, Bee Silk, Bee Cool, etc) we JUST restocked those products so that you can snap up your Bee essentials! For our customers who just plain love Dover, our selection of Dover map coasters has also been totally restocked (and if you are more of a general New Hampshire fan, we have those as well). Need a beautiful card? A funny card? A card that is both beautiful AND funny? We have you covered! 

So come on down. Enjoy the summer weather, enjoy the "almost there" construction, and enjoy some quality time spent at Pear Tree, where we'll help you find the perfect card and gift, wrap it up, and make sure that your shopping experience is as stress free as possible. That's what we're here for!

AuthorDanielle Hayes

I recently had an exchange with a very frazzled mom. She had stopped into the store to find a birthday gift for a family friend -- a little girl, about to turn twelve -- and had no time.

I know this because she kept saying, "I have NO TIME!"

She was in between appointments, her parking meter was about to run out, she wasn't sure what a good gift for a twelve year old girl might be, and the party was TONIGHT. The look on her face was not one of happy anticipation regarding the party. The look on her face was one of "Please, just push me in front of a bus so I can get this over with."

She needed help.

Fortunately for her, she was in the right place.


Gift-giving is an activity that speaks of community and family. We give gifts to commemorate occasions big and small, we give them to make holidays and birthdays special, we give them to say thank you and I love you and I'm sorry and get well.  Giving someone a gift lets them know that you were thinking of them, that you wanted to make them smile, and that you care. Giving a gift shows the recipient that you think s/he is important. It's an indication of affection, and -- this is the important bit, so pay close attention -- it should be something that makes both the giver and the recipient happy. 

That's right, y'all. Giving someone a gift should bring you joy. For real! Making someone else's day with a thoughtful gift should make YOUR day! Making someone smile should make YOU smile! It's the circle of life, only with wrapping paper and without creepy hyenas. 

Gift giving SHOULD be enjoyable. 

So how come so many people are so frustrated by it?


The answer is, of course, that everyone is so busy. SO BUSY. Too busy to take the time to select a gift, select a card, wrap the gift, and consider any of this process to be super fabulous. When you're under a timeline, squished by pressure, and feeling like you are two seconds away from getting a parking ticket, getting someone a gift is not a pleasurable exchange that will make your life richer and more interesting. It's a freaking CHORE. 

Number of people who really love chores: 0.

And so giving gifts becomes an obligation and annoyance rather than an act of caring and generosity. 


This brings me back to Frazzled Mom. As I said, she was in the right place at the right time because, unbeknownst to her, Pear Tree has a mission: to make gift giving a happy activity again. We want to eliminate the frustration and irritation from the process, and help our guests to feel like they've been heard, they've been helped, they've found just the right thing, and they are leaving with something truly special. 

You see, we do really believe that giving gifts with pleasure and pride is an indication of a healthy and happy community. Because of that, we try to make it simple. We can match you up with the right selections for your gifting occasion. We will gift wrap for you. We can help you find just the right card -- and if you don't know what to write in the card? We can help with that, too! 

We can't eliminate all of the stress and busy from your life -- we're not that magical (at least, not yet!) -- but we can take the aggravation out of shopping for a gift, and we can make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. That's what we're here for. That's what we do. Just ask Frazzled Mom, who ended up leaving with a nicely wrapped, carefully chosen gift and, just as importantly, a smile on her face (which in turn, put a smile on mine).  

Happiness, you see, is a gift that we can share with each other. That's what we're here for!


AuthorDanielle Hayes

If you've ever been on a plane, you've gotten the safety instructions. You know the drill. The flight attendant points at the emergency exits, noting that the one nearest to you may be behind you. You are reminded that smoking is prohibited on flights, and that disabling the smoke detector in the bathroom is a CRIME! And you will be punished! Also, your seat cushion is a floatation device! Oh, and if there is a sudden drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will come from the ceiling and there will be a flow of air to assist your breathing... and pay close attention now, because this is VERY important:

Secure your own mask before assisting others.

If you've followed along this far (and I so hope you have) you are probably wondering two things right now:

1) Why is that so important?
2) What does this have to do with Pear Tree Paper and Gifts?

(You ask the best questions!)

To answer the first question, it is important to secure your own mask before assisting others because, though it seems selfish on the surface, the truth is that you are better equipped to help other people when you are in the best, healthiest, most protected state you can be in. Having oxygen masks fall onto your noggin mid-flight would be super stressful and possibly asthma attack inducing, and so you NEED that airflow for yourself to be happening so you can think clearly, assess the situation, and provide the best possible assistance to the people around you.

Which brings us to the second question and Pear Tree. You see, here at Pear Tree we feel that people don't take enough time for self care. We know from experience that taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit allows you to be more present and able to care for the other people in your life. 

Because of that, we carry a variety of products to assist you with self-care. Essential oils. All-natural cosmetics and lotions. Aromatherapy wraps to snuggle up with and ease sore muscles. Tea and pretty cups to drink it out of. Journals and pens that will let you get your thoughts in order. All those and more, designed to make you be the best, most positive you that you can be. 

You might be thinking, Well, that's all very lovely, but I don't have TIME for these things! We understand. You're busy! That's why we have a staff that wants to care for you and help you to find what you need as efficiently as possible so that you can be on your way. And hey, if you can take the time? Linger! Browse! Don't be afraid to treat yourself and discover something new and amazing that helps you to remember that life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful! Beautiful, wonderful, and deserving of care and good things. 

So as you go through your day, just try to remember: Secure your own mask before assisting others. 

Oh, and the nearest exit may actually be behind you. 

AuthorDanielle Hayes