Easter is April 1st

Easter is April 1st

Easter always seems like one of those holidays that should be in late spring -- it conjures images of daffodils and bunnies and eggs hunts outside in the grass -- but this year, Easter is April 1st. Since this is New Hampshire, the likelihood that we will have snow on Easter is ... well, it's not a LOW chance. 

However! That should not stop you from getting a head start on your Easter goodies, and we have some great items this year to help you to get your Easter on and maybe also put a little Spring in your step. (See what I did there?)

Let's talk products!



This delightful little critter is Lily Bunny. She would like you to know that she would look AMAZING in an Easter basket. (She actually looks great everywhere, but she's too humble to say so.) Lily has several Jellycat bunny friends in the store, as well as chicks, lambs, unicorns, and more ... if you have a little one (or just a Jellycat fan) in your life, we have the perfect new fuzzy friend for them. 



Yes, this is soap -- which might not be traditional for an Easter basket but, check it out -- it's EGG shaped! We cannot say enough about our love for Greenwich Bay Trading Company's products because they are EGG-CELENT. For younger folk, we have bunny shaped soaps that smell amazing and are as cute as can be, and -- perfect for tweens and teens -- we have lotions, lip balms, and all kinds of soaps in a wide variety of scents, all with bright and beautiful packaging that would be perfectly festive when nestled down in green plastic grass.



We just received a brand new shipment of men's grooming products (which are all AMAZING, but don't take my word for it -- see for yourself!) and yes, it included this amazing little comb. I moustache you, have you seen anything cuter? I submit you have not. This -- along with the Thistle and Black Pepper line from Scottish Fine Soaps -- would be a hopping fine addition to any fella's grooming kit AND an Easter basket. 


In case none of these tickled your Easter fancy -- don't worry! We have many other lovely things to choose from, including but not limited to: chevron infinity scarves in yummy spring colors; beautiful handcrafted jewelry that would add some sparkle and shine to an Easter morning; hair clips and ties that make hair look special every day; amazing notebooks, journals, pens and planners; and adorable and fun items from Natural Life that will let you round out your basket shopping with both style AND positive vibes.

So hop on in here! We'll help you finish up your shopping in a jiffy! 

AuthorJennifer Blosser
"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -- Oprah Winfrey

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -- Oprah Winfrey

Next Thursday, March 15, Pear Tree is celebrating a milestone. That's right, y'all, we're turning FOUR. 

We know this might not be a big deal to some. I mean, four is not normally an attention-getting birthday. For businesses, those are usually numbers like ten or twenty or twenty-five. That's all well and good, but we are VERY excited about our little fourth birthday.

You see, last year was really hard. We didn't know if our beloved store was going to be around for any more birthdays. Construction and slowed foot traffic drove sales so far down that it looked pretty bleak, and the possibility of closing became a reality that we had to face. 

However. If you think we were going down without a fight? You CLEARLY have not met us. We decided that if our community wanted us here as much as we want to be here, then we had to tell them what was going on. And let me tell you: YOU GUYS ROCKED. Oh my goodness. So many people came in to support us, to buy "a little something" to add to our coffers, and made it a point to come in again and again to see how we were doing. 

There are not words to express the kindness and generosity we experienced during that time, and there was something really beautiful about the realization that our community DOES love our little store just as much as we do, and appreciates what we are trying to do here. 

So yes. YES. We are celebrating the HECK out of our fourth birthday. Because while it might not be one of those "big" birthdays? It's major for us. And besides, life is always worth celebrating. Every darn minute of it. 

Happy Birthday to Pear Tree.

And to you, dear reader -- thank you. For your support, your kindness, and your big hearts. We wouldn't be here without you.

See you at the party!

AuthorJennifer Blosser