Toddlers can make a toy out of almost anything: a popsicle stick becomes a whisk for making breakfast, a box is a house, a stick a wand. Finding the perfect gift for a creative mind doesn't mean you're limited to picking out a toy from the box store. Instead, fill their room with other inspiring non-toy gifts like these.

1. Puzzles

It's amazing how early on child can understand the concept of puzzles. Putting pieces in place gets little minds problem solving. Some of our favorites: The Jigsaw Dinosaur puzzle from Tree Hopper and these brightly colored puzzle blocks that form four construction pictures.

2. Books

There's something to be said about a child reading a book they can hold in their hands, that they can feel the pages between their fingers, and flip the pages on their own. Some of our favorites: Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and One by Kathryn Otoshi. Two local favorites: An imaginative mouse tale by Stefanie Jolicoeur, Sir Mousalot and a story about an exploratory sheep by Ariele Sieling, Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep Goes to the Beach.

3. Photo Albums

Looking through photos of family members, special trips, even pets can entertain a child. Print photos, then fill an album, like this one from Caroline Gardner, for a truly personalized gift that the family can add to for years to come.

4. Playful Coin Banks

Once little ones get the hang of sliding coins through the coin slots, they'll want to keep going. This is a fun, easy way to introduce those fine motor skills and teach about putting money in a safe place. Loving this owl bank from Natural Life, as well as this gold, painted version by local artist Kristina Smith.

5. Bright Plate Sets

We've fallen in love with the ocean and jungle themed plate sets from French Bull. Not only are they brightly colored and playful, but they're also basically indestructible. So if your little one drops or throws their plate, there's no need to worry. Stop in Pear Tree to pick through all the different animals, from giraffes to crabs and monkeys.

There are plenty more gift ideas in Pear Tree and our artists are always bringing in new items (like the nap time pillow and blanket sets from Molly House!). So don't be shy, come in and we'll find you something perfect for the kids in your life.

AuthorJennifer Blosser
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