Here at Pear Tree we often have to remind ourselves to slow down and take a breath. Maybe that's why we carry so many products that help us to do that! Some of the companies we work with, like Compendium and Chronicle Books carry wonderful cards and journals that inspire us to be a little more thoughtful in our daily lives. 

From Compendium, we love the Pop-Open Cards and the Year of Gratitude Kit. It's a beautiful line of products designed to get us to slow down and become more thoughtful. These are great gifts for someone who many be going through a tough time, or for the person in your life who enjoys being introspective and thoughtful. 

The Pop-Open Cards (30 per box) can be opened once a day for a month, or given out to make someone smile. Each card has a different quote relating to the theme of the box, such as Love, Be Happy, Dream, or Hope. At only $6.99, these are great small gifts to let someone know you're thinking of them. 

For those in your life who love to show their gratitude (or if you do!), the Year of Gratitude Kit is a wonderful and easy way to keep track of your thanks over the course of a year. It comes with 52 thank you notes, and a gratitude journal so you can keep track of whom you have sent notes to, with a section in the back for your own gratitude journaling.


Chronicle Books has a line of journals that we use for daily reflection and to remember to be grateful every day. Some of our favorites includes Mindfulness, a book of quotations and instructions to get more out of every moment of your life. Living Well One Line a Day encourages you to write down one thing that's happened to you each day over the course of five years - it's fun to look back at past years to see what's happened! Gratitude is a journal with prompts of things you can write about that you're grateful for, and Inspiration is a journal with prompts and instructions for ways you can be more inspired in your daily life. These are great gifts, or little treats for yourself!

I think we all know a few people who could use a reminder to slow down and be grateful (including ourselves), and Compendium's products inspire just that. Stop into Pear Tree today, or shop online

AuthorJennifer Blosser