If you've ever been on a plane, you've gotten the safety instructions. You know the drill. The flight attendant points at the emergency exits, noting that the one nearest to you may be behind you. You are reminded that smoking is prohibited on flights, and that disabling the smoke detector in the bathroom is a CRIME! And you will be punished! Also, your seat cushion is a floatation device! Oh, and if there is a sudden drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will come from the ceiling and there will be a flow of air to assist your breathing... and pay close attention now, because this is VERY important:

Secure your own mask before assisting others.

If you've followed along this far (and I so hope you have) you are probably wondering two things right now:

1) Why is that so important?
2) What does this have to do with Pear Tree Paper and Gifts?

(You ask the best questions!)

To answer the first question, it is important to secure your own mask before assisting others because, though it seems selfish on the surface, the truth is that you are better equipped to help other people when you are in the best, healthiest, most protected state you can be in. Having oxygen masks fall onto your noggin mid-flight would be super stressful and possibly asthma attack inducing, and so you NEED that airflow for yourself to be happening so you can think clearly, assess the situation, and provide the best possible assistance to the people around you.

Which brings us to the second question and Pear Tree. You see, here at Pear Tree we feel that people don't take enough time for self care. We know from experience that taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit allows you to be more present and able to care for the other people in your life. 

Because of that, we carry a variety of products to assist you with self-care. Essential oils. All-natural cosmetics and lotions. Aromatherapy wraps to snuggle up with and ease sore muscles. Tea and pretty cups to drink it out of. Journals and pens that will let you get your thoughts in order. All those and more, designed to make you be the best, most positive you that you can be. 

You might be thinking, Well, that's all very lovely, but I don't have TIME for these things! We understand. You're busy! That's why we have a staff that wants to care for you and help you to find what you need as efficiently as possible so that you can be on your way. And hey, if you can take the time? Linger! Browse! Don't be afraid to treat yourself and discover something new and amazing that helps you to remember that life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful! Beautiful, wonderful, and deserving of care and good things. 

So as you go through your day, just try to remember: Secure your own mask before assisting others. 

Oh, and the nearest exit may actually be behind you. 

AuthorJennifer Blosser