I recently had an exchange with a very frazzled mom. She had stopped into the store to find a birthday gift for a family friend -- a little girl, about to turn twelve -- and had no time.

I know this because she kept saying, "I have NO TIME!"

She was in between appointments, her parking meter was about to run out, she wasn't sure what a good gift for a twelve year old girl might be, and the party was TONIGHT. The look on her face was not one of happy anticipation regarding the party. The look on her face was one of "Please, just push me in front of a bus so I can get this over with."

She needed help.

Fortunately for her, she was in the right place.


Gift-giving is an activity that speaks of community and family. We give gifts to commemorate occasions big and small, we give them to make holidays and birthdays special, we give them to say thank you and I love you and I'm sorry and get well.  Giving someone a gift lets them know that you were thinking of them, that you wanted to make them smile, and that you care. Giving a gift shows the recipient that you think s/he is important. It's an indication of affection, and -- this is the important bit, so pay close attention -- it should be something that makes both the giver and the recipient happy. 

That's right, y'all. Giving someone a gift should bring you joy. For real! Making someone else's day with a thoughtful gift should make YOUR day! Making someone smile should make YOU smile! It's the circle of life, only with wrapping paper and without creepy hyenas. 

Gift giving SHOULD be enjoyable. 

So how come so many people are so frustrated by it?


The answer is, of course, that everyone is so busy. SO BUSY. Too busy to take the time to select a gift, select a card, wrap the gift, and consider any of this process to be super fabulous. When you're under a timeline, squished by pressure, and feeling like you are two seconds away from getting a parking ticket, getting someone a gift is not a pleasurable exchange that will make your life richer and more interesting. It's a freaking CHORE. 

Number of people who really love chores: 0.

And so giving gifts becomes an obligation and annoyance rather than an act of caring and generosity. 


This brings me back to Frazzled Mom. As I said, she was in the right place at the right time because, unbeknownst to her, Pear Tree has a mission: to make gift giving a happy activity again. We want to eliminate the frustration and irritation from the process, and help our guests to feel like they've been heard, they've been helped, they've found just the right thing, and they are leaving with something truly special. 

You see, we do really believe that giving gifts with pleasure and pride is an indication of a healthy and happy community. Because of that, we try to make it simple. We can match you up with the right selections for your gifting occasion. We will gift wrap for you. We can help you find just the right card -- and if you don't know what to write in the card? We can help with that, too! 

We can't eliminate all of the stress and busy from your life -- we're not that magical (at least, not yet!) -- but we can take the aggravation out of shopping for a gift, and we can make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. That's what we're here for. That's what we do. Just ask Frazzled Mom, who ended up leaving with a nicely wrapped, carefully chosen gift and, just as importantly, a smile on her face (which in turn, put a smile on mine).  

Happiness, you see, is a gift that we can share with each other. That's what we're here for!


AuthorJennifer Blosser