If you're anything like us, you had a moment (or two ... or seven) when you thought summer would NEVER get here, but this week it seemed to arrive with a vengeance! (If you hate the heat, though, you shouldn't worry -- this is New Hampshire that we're talking about, so the temperatures will surely drop back down for a few days any day now.) The good news, though, is that whether the thermometer says ninety-five or sixty-five, we've made it out of the snowy months and into the beautifully green summer ones. Yay!

The OTHER good news is that the bridge construction on Central Ave is halfway done! One side of the bridge has been fully repaired and re-paved, offering a smooth (and much safer) driving experience. The other side ... well, let's say that it's not nearly as pretty, but it surely will be when it's completed. (This second phase is scheduled to be done by the end of August, and then normal parking and traffic will resume on Central Avenue. Hooray!)

As you have read on our Facebook page, all of the downtown businesses have struggled during the bridge construction as people have been tending to avoid this area. We would like to thank everyone again for their support and patronage during this time and ask that you keep on coming in and supporting the businesses that you love! It would be no fun to have a wonderful new bridge but no familiar faces or businesses to visit. 

If you haven't been in recently, than you haven't seen some of the new items we have in stock. "But wait," you ask, "What new items would those be?" Hang on, we'll tell you. (We'd tell you IN PERSON if you came in, nudge nudge.)

  • Finch + Hare cards. Sometimes, you want a card with a beautiful sentiment. Other times, you want to be a little snarky. Luckily for you, Finch + Hare covers BOTH of those with their snarkily sentimental, sarcastic and sweet cards. From the outside, they are pure snark. Open them up, and they are sooooo sweet. For example:

Adorable, right? 

  • Fly Paper Products makes some of the niftiest cards and journals we've ever seen, but it's their desk signs that really take the cake -- and the company is aptly named because they are FLYing out of here. The desk signs range from sarcastic to silly and make an excellent addition to any desk or office. This one is my personal favorite, but then, I'm just kind of like that:
  • Designworks Ink makes GORGEOUS notebooks and journals, but it's their bullet journals that are truly amazing. If, like us, you've tried bullet journalling but became a bit overwhelmed, then these are the journals for you! They come with a template so that you can get going (and keep up with it) easily and neatly, but also? They are just REALLY cool. How cool? THIS cool:

I mean, look at it. It even has a space to hold your pen! It's SO COOL! 

In addition to all of these super awesome items (and the many others that we have recently put out onto the sales floor!) we also continue to have your favorite things. For example, if you love Bee Line (Bee Kissed, Bee Silk, Bee Cool, etc) we JUST restocked those products so that you can snap up your Bee essentials! For our customers who just plain love Dover, our selection of Dover map coasters has also been totally restocked (and if you are more of a general New Hampshire fan, we have those as well). Need a beautiful card? A funny card? A card that is both beautiful AND funny? We have you covered! 

So come on down. Enjoy the summer weather, enjoy the "almost there" construction, and enjoy some quality time spent at Pear Tree, where we'll help you find the perfect card and gift, wrap it up, and make sure that your shopping experience is as stress free as possible. That's what we're here for!

AuthorJennifer Blosser