There were several spontaneous acts of kindness in the store yesterday. My favorite may have been when one of my favorite customers came in for our Bee Silk lotion, which she LOVES (and rightfully so, because it is TRULY amazing); while she was here, she ran into a friend of hers who is moving to France on Sunday. The customer looked at the Bee Silk she was holding and asked her friend, "Have you ever tried this?"

"No," her friend said, "Is it good?"

"I'm buying you some to take with you. It's AMAZING. Plus, then you'll think of us when you use it." 

It was incredibly sweet and moving. I keep thinking about it. 


These days, it's very easy to look out the window -- or on the news -- and see a lot of unpleasant things. In some ways, the unpleasant, the angry, the unkind? Those have become the standard. When we witness an act of kindness or selflessness, it stands out because it's unusual.

We should change that. 

It's not hard. It might feel weird at first because we're not used to it. I asked someone if I could hug her yesterday because she looked like she needed one. (I am not naturally a huggy person.) However, this lady looked like she needed some comfort, so I asked her if it would be okay, and she said yes. I hugged her and she hung on for a minute, taking the solace I had offered her. 

It was nothing, but it was also everything. How easy would it have been to walk by her and pretend I didn't see that she was struggling? How many people do we pass every day  -- people who visibly need a hand -- without bothering to even ask if they are okay?


We're about gift giving here. Of course we are, we're a gift shop. But some gifts cost nothing, and others very little. A note of kindness left on a coworker's desk. A warm scarf when someone needs it. An offer of help. A letter of condolence. 

A hug.

A thoughtful sharing of a beloved product. 

None of these seem like revolutionary acts, but they are and they will be until they become the norm. Let's get behind more kindness than meanness. Let's be the ones who lead the kindness charge. 

Need some ideas on how to bring more light and joy into the world? Come on in. We'll be happy to help!


AuthorJennifer Blosser