You know how you have these daydreamy, picture perfect memories of summers from your childhood, when it seemed that almost every day had perfect blue skies, the trees and grass were the most gorgeous shade of green that you had ever seen in your entire life, and the hot temperatures were relieved by perfect breezes? 

Yeah. So far, this July has been ... EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Add in how pretty and fun downtown Dover is and it's sort of like living in a movie set. At some point, I expect to be walking down the street and suddenly "Don't Stop Believing" will start playing and my other pedestrians and I will break into some sort of choreographed production number. It's been THAT amazing. 

However, since there hasn't been some kind of musical malarky outside yet (though we do frequently burst into song here in the store), I guess that I'll just have to tell you about what's new and awesome in the store.


I used to live in North Carolina, where pineapples are a thing during the holidays because they are a symbol of hospitality. They are also, as you probably know, super delicious. I can't pinpoint the moment when pineapples took over the world -- they were VERY SNEAKY about it, as only a sweet and yet spiky fruit can be -- but they have done it. We have all kinds of pineapple-y goodness, including but not limited to the completely adorable sign below.

Too cute, right? 


I know, I know, school JUST got out and you're thinking, "Plan, schman." But hear me out. The best time to start thinking about how much you are going to rock it next year? Is before you start next year! And the BEST way to do that is with one of Bloom's AMAZING Vision planners, that help you to set goals, think about how you will achieve them, and remind you to stay in touch with the wonderful, unique, phenomenal person you are. We have them in three different styles and you really, REALLY need one. (I, ahem, might have nabbed one the day they came in. They're THAT cool!)


... or glass of wine ... or both! Our NH and ME pint and wine glasses are fully stocked up and just waiting for you to fill them with your beverage of choice, whether that be a local craft beer, a perfect glass of sangria, or lemonade! (Like we said, it's your beverage of choice ... you do you!)


As you know, this only scratches the surface of everything going on in Pear Tree at the moment. So stay tuned and check in next week ... you never know what we'll be Pondering next!

AuthorJennifer Blosser