Dover Main Street Business of the Year!



We are honored and excited (quite giddy actually!) to announce that Pear Tree has won the Main Street Business of the Year Award from the Dover Main Street Association. They serve as a non-profit downtown revitalization organization established in 1999 to preserve the past, promote the present & facilitate the future. This is accomplished by supporting and organizing downtown community events and programs that encourage economic development, within the context of historical and cultural preservation. It's unbelievable that somehow we made an impression and a strong one at that! 

When I started Pear Tree, I had no idea what a life changing decision it would be. I slowly have been able to shape the store into a life long desire I never believed could truly exist. I had a vision of creating a store that would have a little something for everyone, whether they were buying for themselves or for someone else. And stationery.....lots of stationery! The most import aspect of Pear Tree is that 50% of Pear Tree's inventory is from a featured group of talented artists, the majority from NH, that continues to evolve. The store provides a space for them to showcase and sell their lovely handmade items, some of which include jewelry, knit hats and blankets, baby items, candles, signs, lotions, pottery, hand sewn pieces and fine art, as well as the opportunity for the community to shop local. The customer's purchase is special, different and gives back twice in one shot, becoming one they can feel REALLY great about. Without question, it is the artist's work that makes Pear Tree the unique boutique that it is.

Since moving locations in June of 2015, I have worked hard to find items that compliment the artists we carry and really give my customers a variety of items and prices when picking out gifts. Stationery and notebooks, bags, fun accessories, inspirational items and greeting cards (a source of much humor!) round out the store perfectly. These are products that I've tried and love, and really want to share with others. Our regular customers know that the store changes constantly, and that there are always new things to find in here. It's so much fun for us to find new artists and products and be able to introduce them to a new audience. For example, our 12 year old artist, Bruce, who creates beautiful sea glass jewelry, or teacher Heidi Pauer who was awarded the Christa McCauliffe teacher of the year award, and makes her jewelry, Kind Finds, from recycled materials.

It's wonderful now when someone is able to come into the store and find exactly what they need, and if it's a gift, get it wrapped and sign the card, and be back on their way. It's gratifying to know what we've become to our customers what we dreamed of becoming, and that other people are noticing as well. Thank you, Dover Main Streets! And thank you to all of our amazing customers who come in time and time again.