Pear Tree Sales Associate


You are passionate about retail and assisting customers in finding the perfect gift for any occasion. You desire a work environment that allows you to help others by using your strengths of confident communication and provides you with a creative outlet. You have an exuberant personality and you’re dependable. You enjoy working in a supportive role when things are busy and multiple tasks need to be completed. You are steady and work effortlessly in a fast-paced environment and help to create a calm atmosphere for those around you. You have the ability to stay focused and listen when others are speaking and are sensitive to others when communicating. You appreciate consistency and the need for standards to always be met but are comfortable with the changes and fluidity that accompany the constantly changing retail world.

We are here for one reason, and that is the customer. Pear Tree is a gift shop that’s foundation has always been locally made items. Over the last 4 years, we have embraced the art of gift giving and take the responsibility very seriously. We are in search of someone that shares the same passion. Each team member makes an impact, not only on the store, but also with every customer interaction. We work as a team to support one another to provide the best customer experience that is authentic and genuine. Our dedicated staff has created an environment where people are respected, excited to be working in the store, and feel relaxed and supported on their journey of self-discovery.

You are:

·      Excited about the sales process, from start to finish

·      Passionate about Retail and Sales

·      Confident and eloquent when speaking with customers

·      Aware of the Sales Associate’s importance when assisting customers

·      Not afraid to ask questions and have real conversations

·      Steady and dependable

·      Energized by communicating and interacting with others

·      Results-oriented

·      Optimistic

·      Tech-Savvy

·      Excited to learn about and educate customers on all of the products we sell

·      Able to use discretion and professionalism when having discussions with other employees and customers

·      Comfortable with and adaptable to change

·      Able to work well with a team and independently, with minimal supervision

·      Efficient, organized and able to prioritize

·      Self-motivated

·      Comfortable taking charge of the flow of the day

·      Able to adapt to the unexpected while remaining calm

·      Focused and aware of what is going on at all times

·      Fiercely loyal


You have:

·      2+ years of retail experience

·      Confidence

·      A knack for marketing

·      No fear of technology

·      Humility

·      Artistic flair for floor and window displays

·      Proven track record of dependability

·      Exceptional customer service skills

·      A desire to learn and stay up to date on new products and sale trends

·       A personality required for a successful sales associate – Outgoing, positive, friendly, helpful, energetic

Technologies we use:

·      Multiple social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Mail Chimp

·      Apple products- iPad, Mac

·      Multiple software applications – Word, Excel, Wunderlist, Square Space, Squareup, Dymo, Photoshop

·      Barcode printing

·      Square for our point of sale/payment processing

·       All things come back to technology for us – our communications, systems, even our music is on some form of technology

Applicants need to submit the following:

·      Cover letter – address your retail experience and why you think you are the ideal fit for this position

·      Resume

·      Three references (two of which must be professional)

We look forward to hearing from you! Please note, applicants who do not submit all of the above items, will not be considered for this position. Thank you!