Growing Up Green!


For some, the term "Going Green" can be intimidating. I personally have felt I need to be in it 100% or not at all. However, there is a whole spectrum in between. If everyone made one small change in their daily routine, it may not feel as if they are doing a lot to help the planet, but it could! Pear Tree is currently taking small steps to help both the planet and the community!   

Baby Clothes!



Did your sweet baby grow out of their clothes before you could even snap a photo?!

Pear Tree is looking for brand new fall and winter baby clothes (ages 0-12 months) WITH TAGS still attached. In our continued green efforts, we would love to recycle, reuse, and resell your little ones unused clothes, while you make a profit off them, too!

Clothing must meet all 3 criterias:
1) Season appropriate
2) Brand new WITH TAGS
3) Of high quality

If you have any we would love to purchase them from you. 
Due to space and a plethora of other reasons, our policy regarding the 3 criteria listed above will be strictly enforced. Pear Tree has the right to refuse any clothing.

Clothing may be dropped off at any time. We will contact you via email once we have been able to sort through the clothes. Any clothing not picked up within four weeks of Pear Tree contacting you is considered abandoned.

Sandwich and Snack Pouches


Did you know the average student uses over 260 baggies over a school year? Multiply that by the number of children in your household and you can quickly hit 1,000 plastic baggies! 

What is a cooler, more fun (not to mention more green) option? Handmade reusable sandwich (9.99) and snack (6.99) pouches!

Stop in to see the variety of patterns!

Don't Need a Bag? 


Any time a customer passes on a bag, Pear Tree will donate 5 cents to Dover Children's Home. It's one small way of trying to make a big difference!