Current Job Openings

Part Time Sales Associate/ Marketing Assistant

Job Description

Pear Tree Paper and Gifts is looking for a few good people to join our team. You may be thinking, “Oh, I LOVE THAT STORE! What would I need to do to work there?” First – thank you! We love it too! 

The position requires more than just being a good fit; we want a perfect fit. Let's break it down! 

You must be: 

  • Technologically savvy.  All of the systems at Pear Tree are web based and used across multiple platforms. If computers, as well as other electronic devices, make you twitchy and/or you long for the days of the rotary dial telephone, then this job is not for you. 
  • Charismatic and Engaging. We pride ourselves on our welcoming, inclusive environment. Being genuinely attentive to the people who come to Pear Tree is critical to our ability to thrive. We want you to truly relish your position here and if dealing with the public feels like a version of hell, you will not be having fun -- and we are all about having fun.
  • Organized and a Creative Thinker. Remember when we talked about being technologically savvy? You will assist in marketing the store and products across different platforms. Your clever and creative brain is needed to recognize and create visually stimulating displays (that have that “WOW” factor), artistic photos, and compelling copy.
  • Understand the Importance of Small Business.  Pear Tree is part of a downtown community, and small businesses are VITAL to its economy. We pride ourselves in the ways in which we serve our community -- there are many, but the most important is providing a platform for local artisans to display and sell their goods. Pear Tree Pride! You might need to bring your own pompoms to work. Just sayin’. 
  • Motivated and a Self-Starter.  Think of downtime as your moment to attack your task list! The list will be long and will require prioritizing and efficiency, but we would not have hired you if we didn’t think you could do it.
  • Retail Experience. If you don’t have retail experience, transferable life experience MIGHT be applicable
  • Quality over Quantity.  The Pear Tree team is very small but what we lack in size we make up with loyalty, support, comic relief, and (most of all) sarcasm.
  • Collaborative.  Keeping all your mind-blowing ideas to yourself is NOT allowed. There is a whole lot of extraordinary collaboration involved with our team and we are looking for a contributor. 
  • Flexibility. A willingness to pitch in is vital when working at a small business. We do not have the luxury of multiple employees or departments to pull from for coverage or a task that might seem below (or above!) your pay grade. We need your flexibility and ask that you support the team if we are having coverage issues or if another team member has an emergency or issue.
  • Work 20+ hours a week. Days, nights and weekends.

Did you nod your head “yes” after each bullet point? Are you intrigued?  Do you want to have the most fun you’ve ever had at a job?

Then please, send your resume to We can’t wait to hear from you!