My Story

Updated 10/31/2018

As of today, I no longer have a store. I have no inventory, no employees and, frankly, no place to be. I thought I would feel free at least and I did for about 20 minutes. Now as I sit here, with all the experiences I have been through, and knowledge I have gained, I realize I am going to have to do something. And there is no shortage of people asking “What are you going to do next?”. At first I started at them blankly and mumbled a bit. Then I said I just need to finish closing up the store. Then I just wanted a moment of piece. It’s really, REALLY hard to go from 900 miles an hour to zero. I keep thinking I have forgotten something but realize there are no sales to check, orders to make, meetings to plan and my favorite one, determine which processes we can make more Efficient. I lived for that one. Wasted time is wasted money and who as money to waste?

To sum things up, I don’t have a plan. I have a lot of things still to do thanks to the state and Government making it SO fun to own a small business. I did have one and anticipated jumping in with both feet. but if I did, I know I miss the Opportunity to Reflect and learn all I can from the this endeavor. Which was a shitload.
Those wondering why did the store close? It’s not because brink and mortar is dead or that the store wasn’t doing well. We had a solid customer base and am optimistic increase in sales. As of October 7th, I had no employees. None. Zero. I don’t know if it’s because the employee rate is so low, I have realistic expectations or was due to a behavior I displayed. I hope to figure it out, and soon. I’ll keep you updated. ;)

For now, some of our biggest sellers are available online. Check them out here!.

I grew up thinking my life will follow a straight path; go to college, get a good job, marry, have children and live happily ever after. Needless to say, my story did not go quite as planned. No matter what age, the internal battle of what I should do for a career versus what my true calling may be lived somewhere in my subconscious. One path pays the bills and the other is giant question mark. Still, at the age of 40, I continued to grapple with this same question. I knew I wanted something different but was unable even to dream of what that might look like much less find words to describe it.
Within a very short time frame, a once in a life time offer was presented to me. A feeling more closely described as optimism rather than practicality took hold of me and wouldn't let go. I became keenly aware of a tiny door, deep in my subconscious, that stored a creative outlet I never knew I possessed. I was also aware that once it was opened, I was never going to able to close it again.
I would love to share with you all the knowledge I have gained in nearly 4 years, but to be honest, most of it is quite embarrassing! I am saving all those juicy bits for my book. (Or you can read more about the journey on my blog, Small Business Warrior!)


Pear Tree has continued to evolve over the years, as have I. One of the most inspiring and rewarding components of owning a brick and mortar store is being given the opportunity to use the space to create an extension of my vision, values, and purpose. It is a great honor to offer this space for customers to enjoy.